Why Qi Insights?

Qi Insights is a boutique consulting firm, unlocking value for our clients through qualitative research, market analysis and company intelligence.

In our experience, it is in-depth, qualitative research that unlocks real value and tangible insights, particularly in business-to-business relationships.

Increasingly, businesses are searching for unique and new insights about their company and the market, as a competitive advantage and to realise value in their business. The in-depth understanding that Qi Insights develops will help you achieve your strategic objectives.


Our emphasis on client relationships

Our mission is to be your ‘go-to advisor’ for customer analytics and market research. We recognise your unique strategic requirements, and partner with you to deep-dive into your business.

Our flexibility

Customised solutions that fit your needs and your budget are core to our philosophy. We provide the experience and insights of a top-tier consulting firm with the flexibility, personalised service and bespoke solutions of a boutique firm.

Our business expertise

With expertise in market research and advisory services, we are specialists in understanding business-to-business relationships – your relationships with your customers, suppliers, and your staff.