Customer Insights

Qi Insights are experts in measuring and increasing customer acquisition, customer advocacy and customer retention

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Customer Research

Our skilled research dives into your customers’ experience, satisfaction and advocacy levels. We have proven experience in undertaking customer satisfaction surveys, through personal interviews, structured online surveys and customer feedback forms.

Customer Analysis

We undertake proprietary customer profiling and mapping, allowing you to segment your customer attributes and drill-down your customer proposition to a granular level.

Demographic Breakdown

We provide statistical profiles of your customers. Our demographic intelligence can be used to build informed strategies that can be integrated into your sales and service strategy.

Voice of the Customer

Perception is reality. ‘Voice of Customer’ research and identifying drivers to improve the customer experience is key to competitive success – it directs priorities and investment into the areas of greatest return. We are skilled in interviewing business (B2B) customers to provide you with independent insight into your customers’ perceptions, sentiment and experiences. By regularly collecting and monitoring the voice of your customers, we can provide you with consistent analysis that has relevance across your business. We identify trends, see if customers’ expectations are fulfilled, and analyse what services and features are needed to increase satisfaction and advocacy levels.

Customer Experience

We utilise qualitative research, customer analysis and segmentation to assist customer acquisition and retention, and partner with clients to help refine their value proposition and increase advocacy.