Bespoke Research & Advice

Qi Insights will work with you to tailor a research and advisory package to your business needs. With expertise across customer research, data analysis and strategic advice, we partner with you to unlock value and maximise your business performance

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Strategic Advice

Qi Insights works with you to define and reach your strategic goals, and achieve sustained growth. Our advice is results-driven – with a focus on innovative solutions and execution. We offer advice across the business gamut, including but not limited to; corporate strategy, customer acquisition and retention, product and pricing, financial strategy, market entry, emerging markets and sustainability.

Model Building

Utilising customer and market data, we assist you to unlock value through financial modelling, value chain analysis, scenario building and cost-benefit analysis. We can develop customer segmentation models to foster sales and retention strategies, and dashboard models for ongoing growth and monitoring.

Market Scoping

Whether looking at new market entry or leveraging your existing channels we collate detailed industry analysis and identify key market opportunities to create strategically actionable insights. We see benefit in overlaying your market scoping with various analytical tools, from a basic SWOT or traffic light system, through to Porter’s Five Forces.