Data Analysis

We back our insights with data, using Quantitative Market Research and both internal company and market data to build on strategy and create unique and customised dashboards to track your business performance.

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Quantitative Research

Demand-side, quantitative research is an important element in keeping a pulse on the market and your place in it. Well directed market research will enable your business – providing a better frame of reference and greater knowledge of what your competitors are doing.

Quantitative research is the key tool for ongoing, statistical measures of sentiment, satisfaction, advocacy and other measures that are vital scores to your business. Qi Insights’ setup is designed for flexibility, to adapt to the diverse quantitative market research your business may require.

External Market Data

There is a wealth of information and data in the market, from Government and Census data, to individual company reports and association research. Harnessing external data is a key component of understanding the industry and the market that your business is competing in.

Qi Insights offers the flexibility and business understanding to adapt external data to your customised requirements, helping you achieve an informed view of the market.

Internal Data

Intelligence that lies within a company is often underutilised, and constrained by corporate structures and technology. Qi Insights can assist with a business 'deep-dive' to gather data, and help you leverage your internal data – bringing together your customer data with key customer analytics, to give you a rounded view of company performance.

Company Dashboards

Using your own data mixed with external insights, we can create unique and customised dashboards to track your business performance. Keep a visual and easily distributable track of where your company performance is headed.

Please contact us to discuss how Qi Insights can tailor a research package for your business needs.