Qualitative Research

At the core of our business is our experience that real change is made through the strategy and insights found in Qualitative Research. For years we have done bespoke qualitative research for our clients, enabling them to go beyond the numbers and into real change.

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Qualitative Research

Qi Insights is highly skilled in qualitative research, with extensive experience in interviewing top-tier executives and technical experts. Our value is in our ability to understand your business and talk openly with your customers as an independent party about the issues that matter to them most. We pick the most appropriate, targeted research methods to identify your customers’ motivations, priorities and behaviours. Customer experience and the 'voice of the customer' is core to our proposition, and qualitative research is an effective tool to unlock deeper insights on your customers.

Voice of the Customer

Through qualitative research, Qi Insights develops an in-depth understanding of customers that is difficult to obtain through any other method. With a strong background in Voice Of The Customer research and analysis, Qi Insights has the experience to ask the right questions and interact effectively with customers on business issues.


C-Suite – the most senior business execs – are a high-value, time-poor audience. Qi Insights has extensive experience in interviewing C-Suite executives and extracting their honest opinion about the services they’re receiving, their brand perceptions and their relationships with your business.


Qi Insights has a specialised focus on business-to-business (B2B) relationships across industries – independently identifying what your business customers are really thinking and saying about your brand and service. We have partnered with both small and top-tier businesses, successfully adding tangible value and driving business performance.

Financial Services

Qi Insights has a wealth of experience in financial services. In particular, we have significant expertise in business banking and insurance. Our work with clients in understanding their customers’ industries has also given us the ability to adapt to a variety of industries. We have particular expertise in understanding relationships in:

  • Business Banking to SMEs
  • Corporate Banking
  • Merchant Acquiring and Merchant Services
  • Trade Finance
  • Equipment Finance, Leasing and Asset Finance
  • Insurance, including Customers, Intermediaries and Brokers
  • Professional Services to small, mid-market and large clients

Bespoke Research

Our focus is on tailoring business insights and analytics to suit your unique needs. Your bespoke research can be cross-disciplinary – we cover;

  • Customer experience, customer advocacy and customer satisfaction
  • Customer profiling
  • Brand positioning and tracking
  • Market benchmarking
  • Sales enhancement
  • Strategic direction
  • Segmentation
  • Market analysis
  • Data modelling
  • Employee engagement
  • Revenue opportunities and growth drivers
  • Thought leadership

In-Depth Research

In our experience, it is in-depth, qualitative research that unlocks real value and tangible insights, particularly in business-to-business relationships. Increasingly, businesses are searching for unique and new insights about their company and the market as a competitive advantage and to realise value in their business. The in-depth understanding that Qi Insights develops out of qualitative research is extremely effective at generating results and will get you ahead of the market.

Please contact us to discuss how Qi Insights can taylor a qualitative research package for your business needs.